Enduro Specialized is the first racetrack exclusively dedicated to e-bikes.

Four special trials on a track totalling 38 km and 1350 meters, transfers included. Starting from the city centre, the paths optimised by the organisers make the circuit easier and more entertaining.

In particular, the Ps1 path (S. Anna) will be repeated, after the Italian Enduro Championship in 2015. The Ps2 path has been reduced by removing the last part, that was very difficult. The decision was made by the organisers, experts in the field, in order to make the race accessible also to the increasing number of beginners, recently becoming interested in the competition thanks to e-bikes.

Pure amusement, both for experienced bikers and newcomers. Sestri Levante has recently become one of the most popular destinations for enduro enthusiasts and mountain-bikers. With its dreamlike landscapes, perched on the Ligurian sea, the shape of the territory is perfect for the Superenduro tracks.

A wonderful and not difficult race, aimed at attracting more people to mountain bike, even if power-assisted.

For further information: e-enduro.it