The Andersen Award – Bay of Tales was established in 1967 and it is now the most prestigious Italian prize for children literature’s authors, publishers and illustrators.

A literary award that in the last 50 years has seen kids, teenagers and adults come into the spotlight, through an innovative formula.

Over the years both beginners and well-known writers have participated and added value to the Award, inspired by the Danish writer who discovered the Baia during a trip to the Italian Riviera and fell in love with Sestri Levante.

Promoted by the Andersen magazine, since 1982 the Award chooses the best published works of the year, focusing on the most original and creative ones.

The prize categories follow the main children’s literary genres and are divided in age groups: 0-6 years old, 6-7 years old, 9-12 years old, 12+, 15+, comic books, narrative and dissemination.

The event is truly international: foreign authors can take part in the contest.

The books awarded are also in the running to win another prize: the Super Andersen Award – Book of the Year, in memory of Gualtiero Schiaffino, founder of the Award and the magazine.

Over the last 51 years, prominent writers have participated to the award: Arturo Brachetti, Peppino De Filippo, Italo Calvino, Tonino Conte, Emanuele Luzzati, Alberto Moravia, Mario Soldati, Maria Luisa Spaziani, Guido Stagnaro, Sergio Zavoli.

Promoting literature has become a key issue for institutions like public bodies, libraries, bookshops and cultural organisations that, with passion and competence, commit to expand book culture among younger generations.

The final ceremony is always a moment to celebrate, to meet new people, debate and share ideas. Conferences and exhibitions, amusement and excitement. A tribute to books, book series, authors, publishers and projects.

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You can download here the e-book and Kindle version of the collection of the award-winning tales of the last 50 years:

50 anni di Fiabe a Sestri Levante.epub

50 anni di Fiabe a Sestri