“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.”

Albert Einstein had already understood the importance of getting carried away with fantasy, even before the Andersen Award.

Andersen Festival first edition was in 1998, as a complement to the literary award that is now the most relevant national prize dedicated to tales and theatre. At the beginning, the festival lasted 9 days, combining arts, shows and different performances specifically made for the city.

Street plays and classic theatre, great performances with storytelling in the courtyards, famous artists and newcomers, a team of professionals willing to challenge themselves in new situations.

The programme revolves around physical theatre and storytelling: the two areas in which different generations meet and have the chance to try different experiences.

Andersen Festival wants to offer children a fresh look on the reality surrounding them, combining a fantastic and a concrete perspective. This what being a child is: an unbiased perspective driven by pure curiosity and open mind. The aim of the festival is to share this mindset with the ones who are not children anymore: adults.Sestri Levante becomes the stage for a varied programme: music, dance, installations, movies, entertainment, storytelling, street play and theatre.

A mixture of different genres that is enriched by the unique urban setting especially prepared for the occasion.

For further information: http://www.andersenfestival.it/