Bike Sharing

New service since March 2016

Bike Sharing is a public service aimed at facilitating short trips. The bike is a faster alternative to a private car, it is easier to park, better for mental and physical health and it is eco-friendly.

Mediaterraneo Servizi manages seven stations offering a wide choice of bicycles, traditional or electric ones.

Thanks to the electronic system it is possible to pick up and return the bikes in every free station, even if it’s not the starting point. A locker is included to allow pit stops while using the bikes.

Where to find the bikes?Bike sharing sestri levante

Lungomare Descalzo – Lungomare Descalzo, Sestri Levante

Cavi Borgo – Via Brigate Partigiane, Lavagna

Baia delle Favole – Viale Rimembranze, Sestri Levante

Tannino – Via Modena, Sestri Levante

Parco Lavagnina – Via Tino Paggi, Sestri Levante

San Bartolomeo – Via Monsignor Vattuone, Sestri Levante

Stazione F.S. – Sestri Levante


To borrow a bike, a subscription is required. For subscriptions and renewals:

Tourist Office – IAT – Largo Colombo 50, Sestri Levante

Monday – Sunday 10 AM -1 PM and 2 PM – 5 PM


Daily subscription (5 hours): 8,00 €

Weekend subscription (10 hours): 12,00 €

7 days subscription (25 hours): 20,00 €

Annual subscription: 25,00 €

The first hour is free

The following hours cost 1€ each.

The service runs every day from 6 AM to 10 PM.

The maximum usage per day is 5 hours.

Call Center: 0185 478530