The municipality historical archive is a magnificent cross section of the history of Sestri Levante community since the XVII century. An agreement with the Archive Authority made its domicile in Palazzo Fascie, at the second floor.

The archive now encloses documents belonging to the period from 1600 to 1924.


The volumes range from real estate registers containing important details and descriptions of the land, villas and landowners, censors’ books allowing to reconstruct economic history, prices, quality and source of the goods sold by Sestri’s shopkeepers. It is also possible to find the Napoleonic section: very well-preserved, it shows how Sestri Levante was rearranged after the end of the Genoa Republic.

The entrance is free but in order to safeguard the integrity of the pieces, before entering it is mandatory to select the documents of interest and ask for permission to consult them. Then the consultation is arranged prior appointment with the responsible officer Luisa Lucchesi.

A specialised company is currently reorganising, doing the inventory and securing the documents, in accordance with the instructions of the local authorities. The intervention is funded by Mediaterraneo Servizi.


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