Riviera Film Festival is the result of two different experiences combined with an ambitious project.

The experience of Stefano Gallini Durante, who moved from Sestri Levante to Los Angeles to become a movie producer, achieving important goals, and Vito D’Onghia, who improved his skills in event planning and organisation in the entertainment area after having attended drama school and having performed as an actor.

The project aims at introducing a new kind of film festival in the Italian Riviera, an independent contest dedicated to young filmmakers (under 35 years old).

What are the themes and stories that inspire young directors today? What motivates the professionals working behind the scenes? What is the path undertaken by imagination to finally create the magic of a film?

These are some of the questions which the Festival wants to answer, supporting young directors with workshops and seminars held by popular celebrities on a national and international level. They will also be in charge of evaluating the most famous works in an open discussion with the audience. Important contributions on different movie techniques, that help preserving tradition over time and at the same time adapting to the new market trends, thanks to stimula coming from new techniques and new generations of professionals.

The Festival also intends to attract cinema distributors to liven up the competition and foster business agreement with the filmmakers participating.

In a nutshell, international cinema by young directors and popular professionals, framed by a magical and evocative atmosphere.

For further information www.rivierafilm.org

E-mail: info@rivierafilm.org