Technology Hub

poloSestri Levante’s Technology Hub is part of a re-organisation project of the former Convento dell’Annunziata. Mediaterraneo’s mission will include promotion and touristic-economic development of the city, cooperating with local institutions.

The Technology Hub was launched about three years ago: a local economic development project, a business incubator with the aim of boosting local economy, to create new employment opportunities and generate more revenue.

The choice to develop a Technology Hub in Palazzo Cambiaso satisfies the need for new opportunities on the local territory. The Hub hosts different initiatives, experiences and start-ups.

The added value of the spaces made available to the enterprises is represented by their quality and location: it is the perfect location for high-innovation business, for its unique position, an incentive to create, to connect with a strong and well-established hospitality network and conference services suitable for specialised training.

Nine private companies currently located in the Hub provide almost 100 jobs and guarantee a positive trend, despite the adverse economic situation.


With about 150 operators and more than 12M€ of aggregate turnover, Sedapta found its perfect context in the high-quality environment and services offered by Sestri Levante Technology Hub. In March, the Sales & Marketing Department and a new business plan will be implemented in Convento dell’Annunziata. A business plan involving 30 employees and an employment growth goal of 60 employees in the next 3-year period.

Moreover, Sedapta aims at promoting the relationship with the territory through a boost to local entrepreneurship and workshops attended by educational institutions and trade associations. Among the subjects, divulgation and testing of innovative technologies, like 3D printing.


Tecnoriva is a successful organisation from Sestri Levante (employing more than 40 people) mainly composed of young specialists (among which 12 engineers), supported by 15 experienced specialists. The field in which they operate is engineering and steam turbine services, used to produce renewable energy and biomass (green economy).

The company has recently launched a Canadian branch: this means expansion at international level.


IEN is a non-profit institution specialised in valorising and developing human capital. Founded in the 90s from an interdisciplinary research group composed of consultants and company managers, today IEN represents a reference point in Europe for the development and the expansion of the neurosystemic approach. Its mission is to support organisations in realising effective, efficient, pleasant and stimulating working environments. Investing in employees’ satisfaction enables to deal with unforeseen events, improve performance, innovation and quality, increase customer satisfaction and other intangible assets.

FintechStage ltd

International company leader in technology applied to finance: catalyst for innovators and start-ups operating in banking, for the digitalisation and supply of financial services through internet-based technologies. In the last year, the project was presented in different financial centres worldwide, like Milan, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and soon in Tel Aviv, Chicago and Cannes. The company chose Sestri Levante as its head office, from which it started to create opportunities for investors and start-ups to meet and exchange ideas and knowledge. The location also hosts guests, lecturers, consultants using FinitechStage services.


Co.Wo.Dey is a software producer born in 2016. The company provides technical consultancy for websites updates and software development. One field of expertise is the one of timing systems for events and competitions, membership recruitment for amateur sports clubs, management of data and online payments.

Inside its premises, Co.Wo.Dey offers a co-working spaces: 11 desks with Wi-Fi, high-speed internet connection, heating system, and sockets. The young and silent environment is ideal to concentrate and set up projects. The price is reasonable, minimum if compared to average private office rent. The post is provided turnkey.


Founded in 1998 in Tampa, Florida, Tribridge is an American company providing technology services, specialised in business application and cloud solutions: it supports customers in dealing business challenges through strategic consultancy and innovative solutions. The company’s turnover in 2014 was 130 million dollars and it employed 650 people in 10 branches all over the United States. Tribridge Italy provides IT services and consultancy, like maintenance and implementation, web platforms creation and human resources. Tribridge Italy has been based in Sestri Levante for the past four years, employing around 15 people in Palazzo Negrotto Cambiaso and othere 15 in Europe, between London and Madrid

Fi.Ba srl

Fi.BA offers high quality services to enterprises. Its team of professionals supports customers in creating their business, providing them with legal, financial and administrative consultancy. Every customer is special to Fi.Ba, and deserves unique solutions, tailored to its activity and dimensions.

Teamwork, experience and commitment to its customers are Fi.Ba’s guidelines. A synergy between professionals ensures a wide range of high-quality services. Our team is a reliable partner for entrepreneurs seeking professional assistance, in line with the requirements of global economy.  The keywords for Fi.Ba: competence, punctuality and efficiency.

Foto Arcobaleno

Over the past 20 years Carlo Baroncini and Magdalena Kaczòwka have witnessed with their pictures the major sporting, social, political and entertainment history-making events in every part of Europe, such as the life and death of Popes in the Vatican City, the G8 summits, the Football World Championships or the Venice and Rome Film Festivals and much more. Their photo-journalistic assignments have been distributed by major international news agencies such as Agence France Presse, ANSA and the Associated Press, and still appear on newspapers, weekly and monthly publications throughout the world. Their own Studio in Sestri Levante, Foto Arcobaleno, is also a permanent photo-gallery showing their best works from landscapes, sailing and portrait shootings. Foto Arcobaleno with its team provides quality services to privates and companies that seek efficiency, creativity and reliability.

Editorial and commercial photography, reportage of sporting events, political and social matters in Italy and abroad – Photography of interiors and architecture for public or private customers, Industrial Photography, still life, portraits in studio and on location.


TerraMare is a co-op founded in 2001 by a group of professionals and scholars with the common goal of promoting and safeguarding the cultural and environmental heritage of the local territory, making the most of it. The members of the co-op bring to the team different competences and areas of knowledge, composing a mixed and rich background.

Our guidelines follow the idea of cooperating with the customer in providing tailored services and finding innovative solutions, ensuring continuous training and refresher courses for our members and collaborators. From environmental education to customised touristic itineraries, from promotion of museums to training courses in various fields, the co-op always guarantees high-quality standards.