Our company

Mediaterraneo Servizi, in-house public company belonging entirely to Sestri Levante Municipality, manages the city’s touristic and cultural policies since 2017. This year, the company’s turnover will go beyond 1.2 million euros, employing around fifteen people.

In 2017, Mediaterraneo invested almost 400 000 euros in events organisation and tourism and culture promotion. The municipality will receive more than 200 000 euros to entrust Mediaterraneo the management of its premises.

Through different types of agreements, the company manages the following:

1) Conference center and events venue located in Convento dell’Annunziata
2) Place marketing strategies to promote tourism in the area
3) Tourist office (IAT) information to visitors
4) Park-Arena Conchiglia
5) Bike Sharing service in the city
6) Advertising spaces belonging to the street furniture of Sestri Levante Municipality
7) Logistics and contributions for events and demonstrations supported by the municipality
8) Library Center
9) MUSEL Museum Center of Sestri Levante and Castiglione Chiavarese
10) Summer public transport service to and from public beaches
11) Public Wi-Fi network WirelesSestri
12) Public beaches cleaning service from May to September
13) Outermost part of the pier destined to in-transit ships
14) Mercato del Pesce, Cinema Ariston and Torrei dei Doganieri
15) Palazzo Negrotto Cambiaso, Convento dell’Annunziata and Palazzo Fascie