Mojotic Festival is the music festival created and organised by the cultural association Mojotic. The association was founded in 2005 by a group of young music enthusiasts willing to propose new initiatives in the field.

After having supervised planning and artistic direction of some live music shows in the Genoa area, in 2009 the association chose to launch a summer festival including more than 100 events in 15 different locations (clubs, theatres, bays, beaches, monasteries, associations, squares, courtyards and even balconies).

Thanks to the high-quality artistic proposition, the charming natural setting, the intimate atmosphere and the fame of the international celebrities, Mojotic Festival has become very popular globally. Elected by the Italian magazine Panorama among the five Italian festivals not to be missed, the event was the first one to promote the “Shhh! La Silent Disco in Baia del Silenzio”. A pioneer of this type of event, now very famous worldwide. The Silent Disco is one of the most highly anticipated events in summer in the Italian Riviera, people gathered on the beach, dancing barefoot and silently (or almost).

Around 8000 earphones sold in the last three editions, a world record that no one has beaten yet.

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