“FRONTIT” is a project realised by Mediaterraneo Servizi together with Italian and French tour operators. The aim is to create holiday packages in the five selected areas (Costa degli Etruschi, Tigullio, Sardegna Nord, Corsica Orientale e Costa Azzurra) in order to develop and deliver cycle holidays to everyone. Thanks to the European funds provided by the INTERREG project, 200 electric pedal assisted cycles have been purchased, among which 40 were destined to our area. Each bicycle is equipped with a tablet, on the handlebars, from which through different Apps and a special software, it is possible to easily search for and book accommodation facilities and other additional services (bike rent, luggage transfer, tailored tourist itineraries)

Marcello Massucco, Executive Director of Mediaterraneo Servizi, claims “Tourism and services are now combined with the environment: we will showcase the products offered by tour operators to promote a new electric mobility experience on the territory. Some routes are more tough, around 50/60 kilometres, others are easier, suitable also for schools. We will launch an innovative tourism linked to electric vehicles, EPACs in particular, since they give the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor ride even to the ones who are less fit.”

Mediaterraneo Servizi mapped more than 600 kilometres of cycle paths in the first three areas involved in the European project: Tigullio and La Spezia Riviera, Corsica and Northern Sardinia. The electric mountain-bikes chosen were supplied by the leading German producer FOCUS, who ensures high safety standards and excellent strength of the materials. One of Mediaterraneo’s partners in this project, Portale Sardegna, has already launched some itineraries around the island, presented during the MeetForum in Olbia in 2017, in partnership with Grimaldi Lines.

“Our offer includes different types of holidays, from the simple weekend getaway to the most detailed and structured itinerary with EPACs” says Massimiliano Cossu, founder of Portale Sardegna. The products are available on the portal and are also for sale in all Grimaldi Lines circuits. “We like this project because it helps reducing tourism seasonality” claims Francesca Marino, Passenger Department Manager of Grimaldi Airlines, “it attracts new market niches and, most importantly, adds social value.”

The first business contacts were established in January 2018 in Stuttgart at the 50th edition of CMT Holiday Exhibition, dedicated to outdoor tourism and travel destinations for families. In the same year, Mediaterraneo Servizi also took part in BIT Milano and in the 2nd edition of Discover Italy, held in Convento dell’Annunziata.

“Sestri Levante is more than sea and beaches, it is the core of a natural environment offering plenty of options” says Filippo Mini, TTE Livorno’s owner “our aim is to support people of all ages and allow them to follow the paths available with a revolutionary vehicle like the e-bike. We want to offer a new perspective on the territory. Anyone will be able, in a few months, to explore the hills, admire the natural beauties and the amazing landscapes, treating themselves with unforgettable moments.”