Not only two seas: the library system of Sestri Levante, two libraries at the citizens’ disposal 

In the very city centre of Sestri Levante, inside Palazzo “Fascie Rossi”, the main city library has its domicile. It hosts around 18 000 volumes, from narrative to literary essays, including children literature and volumes about Liguria.
It is possible to consult or borrow a wide range of magazines in the newspaper archive.
The books, arranged on open shelves, can be freely consulted by the users or borrowed by signing up in one of the two libraries with an identity card.

The Biblioteca del Mare di Riva Trigoso, with its windows with sea-view, attracts many people. It opened in 1984 as a children literature library, it then developed to meet the needs of the users, without losing its role of reference point for kids of any age.

More than 4.000 loans since its opening in June 2017. A broad audience for a wide offer covering all ages. From 3-year-old children to passionate adults, everyone can find its taste among the many literary genres offered.
With the aim of realising a new storyline composed of points of interest between the seaside and the centre, the library organises a wide range of activities, in order to go beyond the idea of library as a closed space, to be visited just when in need of something. It wants to become a place open to everyone, a reference point for students.

The Biblioteca del Mare is committed to making the environment as comfortable as possible: it is possible to arrange school visits to the library, to know more about the features and the activities of the building.
The library system is set up to offer the longest opening hours through the two libraries.
Besides its collection (list of volumes available on the Library section of the Municipality website), it is possible to borrow books from other libraries in the region, linked by a special bus running every two weeks.
Both libraries have free internet access and computers available.


tel. 0185 478423


Palazzo Fascie, Sestri Levante

Monday – Wednesday – Friday  2.30 PM /7.00 PM
Tuesday – Thursday  9.00  AM /1.00 PM
Saturday 9.00 AM/ 12 AM

Biblioteca del Mare, Riva Trigoso

Tuesday – Thursday  2.30 PM/7.00 PM
Wednesday – Friday  9.00 AM/ 1.00 PM
Monday and Saturday – closed