The archaeological museum of Sestri Levante is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Palazzo Fascie, in Corso Colombo, inside recently renovated spaces. Palazzo Fascie also hosts the Public Library, has many equipped conference rooms, educational spaces for children. It is really a palace of culture.


Opened in 2013, the MuSel – Museo Archeologico, was created with the aim of safeguarding and valorising the memory and identity of Sestri Levante’s territory. Divided in two floors, with an innovative and thrilling design, the MuSel offers plenty of findings: from the most ancient evidence of the Stone Age and the Iron Age, Roman Age and Middle Ages, to the most recent findings of the city in the last century.


A wide cultural offer enriched by a unique piece: Cippo del Monte Ramaceto (boundary stone of the Ramaceto Mountain). Found in 2015 near the mountain peak, the stone is a proof of the imperial estate in the rural territory of Tigullio. The arrival of this one-of-a-kind piece has attracted and intrigued the visitors of the museum.


The number of people interested in discovering the memories of the past is considerable. Many took part in the F@MU, National Day of Families at the Museum, the cultural event dedicated to families with children, the biggest and most important one in Italy.


The initiative, proposed by the Minister of Heritage and Culture, is aimed at introducing the museum context to the younger generations, to show the cultural heritage to families in an unusual setting: a day full of educational visits, theme games and special initiatives, with the “privileged visitors” (the children) as leaders.


A dynamic museum strongly connected to its surroundings. Another opportunity for children at the MuSel is “Birthday at the Museum”, on Saturday and Sunday from 3PM to 7PM, tailored events can be organised, composed of educational workshops, visit to the museum and final refreshment.

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