Baie del Gusto


An integrated project by Sestri Levante Municipality together with Mediaterraneo Servizi aimed at promoting high quality local agricultural products, supporting tourism development through one of the most appealing tertiary industries: food and beverage.

The project began in 2015 with “Vetrine delle Produzioni Agroalimentari di Qualità (Showcase of High-Quality Agricultural Products)”, activity funded by Liguria Region, European funds Terragir2, led by La Strada del Castagno in a partnership with La Compagnia dei Sapori.

The project is organised through the modalities and contents of Accademia dei Sapori – Food and Beverage Training and Cultural Center, already engaged in promotional activities of local products in Italy.

Thanks to the contribution by La Strada del Castagno, product-centred itinerary involving interested companies, Gal Appennino Genovese, La Compagnia dei Sapori, able to manage the space entrusted in a stimulating way, to add value to the local context by bringing connections and relationships built on a national level.

Mediaterraneo Servizi, Sestri Levante cultural and promotional infrastructure, becomes therefore a food and beverage hub, in the same year of EXPO Milan 2015 International Exhibition.

Baie del Gusto provides Sestri Levante with the modern equipment necessary to create a true everlasting cooking show, an educational class available also for tourists seeking a better knowledge of Ligurian culture. As already realised by Accademia dei Sapori, Baie del Gusto will present “food edutainment” services through workshops, visits to farms and agricultural holdings, professional training, also in agreement with foreign universities.